1. Ali Gordon and Alli Brown in a promo shot I took for the upcoming production of their new play, The Party’s Over (April 16 - 18 at the Manhattan Rep Theatre)

  2. silks at The Muse, Sunday, 3/30/2014

  3. "Think you I am no stronger than my sex?"

    production shots from The Oracular Theatre’s debut production of Julius Caesar. I love a good Shakespeare production where the women outnumber the men. I raise my fist in the air for feminism.

  4. Carroll Gardens, March 22nd, waiting for a table

  5. My dad is 63 today. I took him out to dinner in Carroll Gardens and tried not to think about getting older.

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  6. Smith St., Carroll Gardens | the music shop that I go to, and a bar that reminds me of sleep-away camp.

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  14. my cat’s fabulous whiskers

  15. Here’s a peek behind the scenes of my shoot today with The Shakespeare Forum at The OG Studios in Brooklyn. Today has been a good day.