1. A quick preview of some shots I took of The Ume Group’s production of Isis Variations.

  2. Some quick, unedited shots from my shoot with actor David O’Hara. And, as if he wasn’t handsome enough already, he also speaks with the greatest Irish accent I’ve ever heard.

    Photos by Allison Stock

  3. Here’s a quickie from my shoot this morning in Central Park with off-broadway superstar David O’Hara.

    photo by Allison Stock

  4. Leslie McDonel and Rebecca Naomi Jones went from singing Carousel to breaking glass bottles on their heads.

    check out the full album featured on playbill.com

  5. Liz Belsky and Meghan O’Keefe, two very funny comedians, thinking deep thoughts in Lucey’s Lounge.

  6. Last night I had the privilege of being hired (by my lovely roommate here with me) to photograph the Broadway Understudies party, to celebrate hitting 11k twitter followers. Actual event photos to follow, but it was a fun night that I feel so lucky to have been a part of.

  8. Slow Kitty (Missoula, Montana)

    photos by Allison Stock

  9. Missoula sunset.

  10. allyspock:

    Sunrise at Laguardia, afternoon in Denver.

    Today in iPhone photography.


  11. My photos are up on playbill.com from the most recent (and totally insane) Skivvies show at 54 Below.

  12. The Skivvies at 54 Below

    photo by Allison Stock

  13. Nick Cearley and Lauren Molina, aka The Skivvies, performing at 54 Below

    photo by Allison Stock

  14. Heather Matarazzo performing with The Skivvies at 54 Below.

    photos by Allison Stock

  15. Krysta Rodriguez performing with The Skivvies at 54 Below.

    photos by Allison Stock